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Our London Porter spiced with single origin spencer cocoa from the Vanuatuan island of Malekula and far North Queensland vanilla soaked in “Dead Man’s Drop” a spiced rum from award winning Bathurst distiller Stone Pine. The porter is brewed with 6 malts and is enriched by the chocolate and spicy rum flavours – then smoothed and mellowed by the Auistralian grown vanilla. This beer started life out in different clothes and was known as “Malekula Dark”. Rest assured Trinity is made to the same award winning recipe. (1.7 STD, 4.8% ABV)

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Our home is to the west of The Great Dividing Range, in the foothills of Mt Canobolas, in Orange, NSW, Australia. Our region is known for its rich food and wine culture, and is rapidly becoming a mecca for craft beer lovers.
Badlands Brewery was established in 2010 by ex-Pom Jon Shiner who has been executing his mission statement ever since: – “ To produce world-class, nationally recoqnised, full-flavoured premium beers, using the finest ingredients and best practice brewing processes”
Badlands beers can be found in virtually every self-respecting craft beer venue across NSW and the ACT and has recently started distribution into Victoria.
All Badlands Brewery’s beers are made only with malted wheat and barley, water, yeast and hops and come to you as nature intended – unfiltered and free of preservatives and additives. They will never contain cheap adjuncts favoured by the larger breweries, such as corn, rice or cane sugar and are hand-crafted, a 1000lt a time on a manual, hands-on brewhouse.
Head Brewer Jon Shiner’s brewing philosophy is that Badlands’ beers should be deeply satisfying, characterful and interesting right to the bottom of your third pint.
Badlands has a focus on traditional beer styles but is always ready to experiment. Hazelnuts, Black Truffles, Figs, Blueberries, Rum, Finger-Limes and Chillies are just a few of the ingredients that have made it into a Badlands keg, bottle or can over the years. For example, released each year at Easter and again during Winter is our award winning beer – “Malekula Dark” a Chocolate, Rum & Vanilla spiced Porter. Please get in touch to find out about the latest beers coming off the keg filler, or canning and bottling line.
For Draught customers, beers can be made available with varying degrees of carbonation to be poured on regular taps, nitro taps or handpump.


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