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Tropical Express Hazy Pale Ale 4%


Pioneer’s Tropical Express Pale Ale is the perfect session ale when you wish to enjoy a few.

Fresh mouth feel, hazy and enjoyably tropical. Just enough hoppy piney notes to make it interesting but approachable for broad drinker appeal; a real thirst quencher!

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As the largest independently-owned farm-based brewery on Australias eastern seaboard to own, grow & harvest our malting barley, rye and wheat from a family farm, AND once malted, it doesnt leave our grip again until its placed firmly in yours. We can loudly and proudly proclaim we are Pioneers in the way we do and brew our beers.  

Its how we maintain ultimate control of each beers taste profile and spot-on taste – it’s the refreshing character our crafted lagers, ales and sessionable mid-strength beers are renowned, respected and celebrated for. Its how we ensure that even as we grow, well never outgrow or compromise on upholding our core company values:  

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6 Pack $28.00, 24 Can Case $88.00


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