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Mixed Case


Badlands Brewery calls Orange home. The region is known for its rich food and wine culture, and is rapidly becoming a mecca for craft beer lovers. Select a mixed 6 or mixed case from the Badlands can 355ml range.
Tasting notes on all available beers are listed below.

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Selection of mixed 6 packs from Badlands Brewery.

Midstrength AL

A mid-strtength pALe ale AL is a stunning easy drinking mid. German Pilsner malt and Simcoe hops- a beautiful, fragrant, smooth and seasonable beer – you won’t believe it’s a mid-strength.

Brewbacca – Draught

Draught is not a style of beer… this is a Kolsch! Light biscuity flavour from the Pilsener malt marries with soft citrus notes from the Noble German hop Hallertau. Delicious & quaffable, no matter the name!

Ginger Beer

Reel Beer brewed with malted barley (w/ a little bit of local-apple-juice-fermented cider-magic) fresh ginger 100% ginger juice, (NO added cane sugar, just small amounts of milk sugar (<4% lactose) NO artificial sweeteners and  pretty spicy. ABV 4.2%.

New World Pilsener

Named 2020 Australian Beer of The Year – Peter Lalor The Weekend Australian. A NZ-hopped Czech-style lager brewed with pilsener malt & German yeast. Aromas of nettle & elderflower lift this sprints, slightly bitter New World Pils. ABV 5.3%

Inland Ale

An Inland Ale is for hop lovers who seek depth & balance. Stonefruit & citrus flavours from the Southern Hemisphere hops harmonise with a solid malt backbone & smooth bitterness. A deep counterpoint to the coastal ales – perfect for the vast interior. 5.2%

Draughty Kilt – Scottish Ale

A Scottish Ale. For an ‘uplifting’ experience wrap your sporran around this malty number. Dark amber colour with rich toffee flavours, a smooth rounded palette and at 5.0% alc/vol definitely dangerously drinkable

Darkness – Porter

London porter brewed with six malts. Plunge the deep, dark depths of this highly sessionable porter and surface refreshed and ready for another. A spectrum of unusual roasted malts give a deep, rich and complex character with rum, chocolate, tobacco and raisin flavours. 4.8%


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